Grateful Heart Attack Victim Recognizes BSFR Rescuers

April 11, 2008

Grateful Heart Attack Victim Recognizes BSFR Rescuers

When a 68-year-old’s heart stopped beating as he danced in an Oakland Park clubhouse, it took only two minutes and 34 seconds for Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue (BSFR) workers to get to him. Bystanders had started CPR, so paramedics quickly hooked Vincenzo Ferro up to AutoPulse, an external cardiac support pump. His pulse resumed and blood pressure was restored in minutes. By the time he was in the rescue vehicle on the way to the hospital, Ferro was trying to breathe on his own.

Ferro is one of 14 heart attack patients that BSFR has helped save with AutoPulse, a battery-operated device that artificially pumps the heart. All 14 people have made it to the hospital with a pulse and a blood pressure. BSFR has eight AutoPulses and is hoping to purchase four more.

“There is no question that this man would not be alive today had it not been for the outstanding medical treatment by the paramedics and the technology used by Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue,” said Dr. Nabil El Sanadi, the department’s Medical Director, who is also the Chief of Emergency Medicine for Broward Health.

Just a few weeks after the incident, Ferro of Lauderdale Lakes presented BSO’s Employee of the Month Awards from Sheriff Al Lamberti to the rescue crew that responded. The eight rescuers were also recognized by the Lauderdale Lakes City Commission.

Photo caption: picture from left to right are Assistant Chief Steve Krivjanik, Assistant Chief Gregory Holness, Lt. Paul Greenwood, Dr. Nabil El Sanadi, D/E Done Farmer, Lt. Phil Kalarovich, victim Vincenzo Ferro, Lt. Paul Divers, FF/PM Chris Gilman, FF/PM Mark Murphy and FF/PM Joe Capaldo.

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