April 14, 2008


Photo caption Left to right: Sgt. Thomas Palmer, Dep. Edward Eason, FF/PM’s Glenn Fuhrer, Tom Strok and Pete Costanza, and Chief of EMS Steve Krivjanik. Seated at right is Nurse Barre Hutchinson. The other rescuers not pictured are: Lt. Jonathan Termo, and FF/PM’s Juan Cardenas and Wayne Winkle)

On April 11, Jean-Marc Bourgeois (seated, center) and his wife, Claudette (at left), thanked BSO Fire Rescue (BSFR) personnel and the doctors from Holy Cross Hospital for saving his life ten days earlier. On April 1, Mr. Bourgeois, 67, was pulled from the Atlantic Ocean in Lauderdale-By-The-Sea after jumping in to save a young boy who had become caught in the rip current.

Mr. Bourgeois was in cardiac arrest but resuscitated by BSFR paramedics who utilized the new AutoPulse device, an external cardiac support pump that keeps a stopped heart beating and aggressive advanced life support measures to revive the victim. At the hospital, doctors medically lowered the patient’s body core temperature using a process called induced hypothermia. By cooling the patient, it preserves precious oxygen in cells, thus increasing the chances for survival. Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue is currently one of a handful of departments in the nation implementing pre-hospital hypothermic resuscitation. BSFR Medical Director Dr. Nabil El Sanadi said, “We can increase the chance of survival using the AutoPulse, and when combined with hypothermic resuscitation, it gives the patient an even greater chance of survival.” Dr. El Sanadi added, “By transforming new technology and new science into best clinical practices, we strive to continually deliver cutting edge patient care.”

Thanks to the high tech care rendered by BSFR and Holy Cross medical staff, Mr. Bourgeois was able to live and personally thank his rescuers.

Photo by Mike Jachles/Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue

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