May 21, 2008


(Miramar, FL) – NBC 6 South Florida Today host Roxanne Vargas is joined by Dr. Nabil El Sanadi, Medical Director and EMS Chief Stephen Krivjanik, of Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue (BSFR) during a segment on EMS week on May 20th. Dr. El Sanadi and Chief Krivjanik highlighted the cutting edge technologies being used by BSFR, including the AutoPulse, a device used in heart attack treatment and hypothermic resuscitation. Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue is the first metropolitan EMS provider in the state and one of only five in the nation to use this method of lowering the body temperature of cardiac arrest patients through intravenous administration of chilled medications. The purpose of the cooling is to prevent brain damage that is common in heart attacks. Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue has 15 AutoPulse devices in use, and in its short use has already saved lives. Dr. El Sanadi said, “With these technologies, we are able to see heart attack patients actually walk out of the hospital and return to their families with a normal quality of life.” This is the 35th year EMS Week has been observed in the nation, recognizing the efforts of paramedics, EMTs and fire rescue personnel. It runs from May 18th-24th.

Photo by Mike Jachles/Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue

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