Detention Deputies Nab Suspicious Visitor

June 11, 2008

Photo caption: Pictured from left to right are: Dep. Michael Spencer and Dep. Derrick Nesbitt, Main Jail Facility

One day in early May, among the influx of visitors to the Main Jail, one particular man caught the attention of Dep. Michael Spencer and Dep. Derrick Nesbitt. The two were assigned to the scanner and noticed the visitor was acting strangely. The deputies called the man over and asked him for identification. Claiming not to have any, the deputies ran a warrant check using his name and birth date. The search revealed the deputies’ suspicions were correct. The man had recently escaped from a DOC Work Release Center. He was subsequently arrested and booked into the Main Jail.

Dep. Michael Spencer and Dep. Derrick Nesbitt’s diligence and attention to detail assisted in the capture of a work release escapee. For this reason, they have received employee of the month honors.

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