Broward Businesses Leave Their Registers Open & Empty

By placing a sticker in the window of Scott Pizzatti’s Pizza Friday in Deerfield Beach, BSO Deputy Jeremy Hansen helped launch the agency’s newest crime prevention program.

The Open & Empty program, which was modeled off of similar programs in use in Palm Beach County, is aimed at after-hours burglaries to businesses that have cash registers. The premise is simple. Before locking up each night, business owners empty their cash drawers of money and then leave them open and in plain view.

A sticker on the front door or window lets would-be burglars know that there is no cash to steal.

Caption: BSO Deputy Jeremy Hansen, who suggested starting the Open & Empty in Broward County after seeing it at work in Palm Beach County, stands with the owners of Scotti Pizzatti’s Pizza in Deerfield Beach. The restaurant has been hit by burglars twice this year. Though the owners already take the money from their register each night, they had to replace the front door that was shattered in the burglary.



(Lauderdale Lakes, FL) – Broward Sheriff Al Lamberti helps Akil Smith, 12, try on his new firefighter’s helmet at Lauderdale Lakes Middle School on Wednesday. Sheriff Lamberti presented the seventh-grader with the helmet and a certificate for his life saving actions in saving his two-year-old brother, who also has a twin sister.

On the afternoon of October 19th, Akil heard a noise outside the family’s home. When he looked out the window to investigate, he saw his little brother Amari floating in the pool. Without hesitation, Akil ran outside and jumped in the pool to rescue the pulseless tot. Akil also had the wherewithal to summon help during the rescue. Akil’s uncle responded and began CPR on the lifeless toddler. Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue crews quickly arrived and began advanced life support measures. By the time the rescue truck arrived at the Hospital, Amari had a pulse and was breathing with assistance.

Just six months ago, fellow seventh-grader Benji Cerni was recognized for his heroic efforts after pulling his three-year-old cousin Howard Vob from a murky pool and resuscitating the child. At the time, Sheriff Lamberti said, “Benji’s quick thinking and his actions should serve as an example to his peers that by doing something good, you are helping society.”  Benji’s actions clearly served as inspiration to Akil in a similar situation.

At left next to Akil is his mother, Antoinette Robinson, holding Amari. Also at the ceremony was Amari’s twin sister, Amaria. Several hundred students from the school attended the presentation.

Photo by Mike Jachles/Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue