January 30, 2009


Deputy Pat Darmody is always on the look out, but he didn’t have to look too hard to find a trio wanted for burglary after hearing a BOLO of the suspects’ descriptions over the airwaves.

Shortly before 7 a.m. on Thursday, January 22, Tiffany Patterson stopped at a RaceTrac gas station on McNab Rd. in North Lauderdale to buy gasoline.  As she went inside the store, she looked back at her 2003 Volkswagen Bug to get the number of the gas pump and noticed a man opening her car door.  Patterson immediately began walking back toward her car yelling at the man to get away from her vehicle, but the man quickly grabbed her purse and began running.  Patterson gave chase but then stopped and tried to remember as many details as possible about the suspects and their getaway vehicle.

Once deputies arrived on scene, a BOLO was issued for a light tan Nissan Maxima along with the female and two male occupants.  North Lauderdale Deputy Pat Darmody heard the BOLO and recognized the description as that of three suspects he’s had previous contact with.  Deputy Darmody drove to a location where he thought he could find the group.  His hunch paid off!  As he pulled up to the 1200 block of SW 71 Terrace he spotted the Maxima parked in front of one of the suspects’ home with the three suspects still sitting inside.  As a result, the victim was able to recover her purse and most of her belongings.

Thanks to Deputy Darmody’s quick action, he also helped get a break in other burglary cases. The trio was found to be in possession of two GPS devices, which North Lauderdale Detective Lisa Sokol determined had been stolen during two separate vehicle burglaries in Tamarac.

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