Lightening Strike in Weston

June 9, 2009


Firefighters from Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue responded to a house fire in Weston on Monday afternoon. Just before 3:00 p.m., Ken Bank returned home and was sitting in his car in the driveway waiting for the storm to let up when a bolt of lightning struck the roof of the two-story house. Inside were Bank’s three children and their babysitter. Bank dashed inside the house, smelled smoke and evacuated everyone. He called 9-1-1 and when firefighters arrived, they reported smoke coming from the eaves of the roof. Firefighters used an aerial platform truck to access the roof while firefighter/paramedic Jim Owens, pictured, crawled through the attic to locate the fire. In the photo, Owens is on a ladder in the attic assessing the damage after firefighters secured a tarp over the hole in the roof to prevent water damage. Thermal imaging cameras measured the fire in the attic at 1,000 degrees. Thanks to quick work by firefighters, damage was confined to the immediate area of the lightning strike that caused a two-foot hole in the tiled roof and burned part of the roof and trusses. No injuries were reported. The Banks family was staying with relatives.

Photo by Mike Jachles/Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue

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